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    DDR Staff Car Flag:

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    Hi all. Been a long while. Finally have a tiny bit of time and wanted to post something I'd added to the collection. It appears to be a staff car flag from the DDR:


    It measures 30cm x 20cm. The DDR crest is very nicely embroidered, not printed. It is covered in a plastic cover to keep it from being damaged in rain, snow, etc., and as you can see has the frame for placing it on a mount on the vehicle.

    I've never seen another and hoping perhaps one of our members has and might have additional information on it.

    Just thinking how cool this would look mounted on my Mercedes 300D going down the road. :lol: Now if only I could find a matching one to have one for each side. :P

    Dan :cheers:




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    Sorry for not replying to your thread before now.  I wasn't able to until today.  I have checked my book on DDR flags and there were no car flags listed so that wasn't of much help.  I was in a museum just outside Berlin a few years ago and they had a parade car on display.  I know it had flags but don't remember what they looked like.  I'll have to check on my other computer.  I took lots of pictures but they are not on this computer.  Wish me luck!




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