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    As a native Newfoundlander I am interested in the Royal Newfoundland Regiment that fought at Beaumont Hamel starting with the first day of the Battle of the Somme, July 1, 1916. My question concerns the German units that fought at this same time at Beaumont Hamel. Which units were they and does anyone have any related items from these units? EK documents, military pass books, photos etc.

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    The 26th Würtem. Div was there... this set of Poscards from the RIR 119 are a bit of a rarity....


    ​Here is another one from my collection, written in 1917 from a member of Ersatzbataillon Res.Reg. 119. So it´s clear these cards were sold within the regiment.

    All cards together form a rhyme:

    Ufrichtich und gradraus

    Guatmüatich bis dortnaus

    Wenns sei muass au saugrob

    Des isch a Schwob.


    Gruß Stefan



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