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    German Deckoffizier with Russian China commemorative Medal?


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    Hello Gentlemen,

    I need your help with this picture. Maybe it could be the Oberstückmeister John.

    I have a question with the ribbon far right. Is this the ribbon for the Russian China commemorative Medal?

    Every help appreciated.


    Kind regards


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    Is there not a roll floating around with foreign medals to Germans?


    Chris, I believe that you think on this book:

    Annahme genehmigt - Nachweis der Verleihung nichtwürttembergischer Orden / Ehrenzeichen an württembergische Militärs 1870 - 1914 from Uwe Bretzendorfer

    but this wouldn´t fit.


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    The German Chinadenkmünze 


    By the way, russian cavaliers of this medal are known ;)



    could you please explain what´s the difference between the silver and the bronze one?!


    Bronze for noncombatans.

    Silver for combatants.





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     There has been an exchange from medals between the countries


    But these medals (in russian and german medal bars) are very rare.

    It looks like there was pretty small quota.

    I think this photo will entertain you ;) 




    Captain second rank Chagin, I.I.

    Most likely the ribbon bar of his medal inscribed Taku



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