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    I know right off the bat that this will have some who think it good, and some who think it bad. Here is my thinking


    - Private piece

    - No period thing to compare it to

    - Does not have to be WW1

    - Darker color

    - We will never know for sure


    - Material is good

    - Obviously old and worn

    - Collar and fittings very "Military"

    - Piping looks very kosher


    - Traces that other buttons were originally on this, 2cm to the left of where they are now.


    I personally like this a lot, but I did not find it in a barn or get it from the family, so I cannot say "its a sure thing!" ... What do you guys think?


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     I think that top front button pattern is post W1 on the first garment. Commercial, used a lot by the Germans and English. Chris is that the remains of a hood? reminds me of the pre'1900? German mantel.

    I like it send to me :)


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    I think all the buttons were replaced at some stage. The shot that looks like the remains of a hood is actually the inside, little bit of shoulder-lining (If thats a word), there never was a hood on it. Thats another reason i think it was made for soldiers. It also never had a lining... it can be folded up really really small and fit in a pack.



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    • 4 months later...

    It looks interesting. I think green piping is also worn on traditional south German woolen wear. Never saw such a thing before, but who knows. Jäger overcoats were feldgrau, not graugrün.

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