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    German Air Force Panavia Tornado at the 2011 NATO Tiger Association air display in Cambrai, France


    Sturmgeschütz III Winterschlacht im Osten 1941/42.....a frost-bitten dawn advance on the Eastern Front.

    Stug winter.jpg

    Sunday 17th September 1944


    Early morning on the 4th May 1982, Operation Black Buck Two's stick of twenty one 1000lb bombs hits the Western end of Stanley Airport's runway.

    Black Buck One's craters from a few days before can be seen across the runway.

    vulcan 2.jpg

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    Thanks again Frank, took me ages to get the runway, roads and beaches in the right alignment and from an angle above. Had to draw from aerial photos of the time and not too obscured by clouds. The northern (Yorke Bay) and southern beach (Surf Bay) can be seen as white arcs. 

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    Thought I'd copy ya'll into a few more recent paintings:

    First up is a painting of a Panzer Badge and Cert that I have. Interesting in that it is dated early January 1945 and to a member of the Lehr Div Jager Abt. 130 who were in action around Bastogne in the Battle of the Bulge:


    No idea who the signature is though.

    Next up is a Purple Heart certificate and medal overlaid with a WW2 M4 M1 bayonet. Made by Imperial but came with a late 1960/70s WD made scabbard.


    Next is a painting of a Hindenburg Widow's cross and the original certificates bought from a GMIC member


    Painting of a Guardsman's medals, memorial scroll, King's letter and plaque complete with all the envelopes and postal stamps:


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    Painting of a small group I have to a sailor who was awarded the war badge in August 1943. I have a few of his other photos, one of which includes all of the crew with their names written on the reverse:


    A Commando service certificate overlaid with campaign stars, a marine cap badge and a mint FS fighting knife:


    And, my painting of a group to a Senior Sgt. tank driver who was awarded the Stalingrad Defence Medal. Along with his award certificate and a few other bits and bobs:


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    Nice! Thank you for sharing!!!

    What technique is that? Acryl? Mixed? 

    On the Soviet theme picture I can say that the background you chose must be vertical. :) There is no way any ojects could have stayed on it :)

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    Thanks Egorka, it's mixed media as I use a sprayed intercoats to protect the layers of pencil drawing and washes as I progress, particularly if I'm airbrushing (not that I use much airbrushing these days - I can't be bothered getting it out and cleaning the thing afterwards). All the colours are acrylic paint.

    Yes, I had problems with keeping the items on the side of the T34 but superglue and gaffer tape sorted that out :P 

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