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    Soviet Pilot and Parachutist badges

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    Here are more badges from my collection. In my opinion all of them are original, but just to be sure and sleep well, I want to ask for your opinion. The red enamel looks a little bit dark in the scans.

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    Hello Jens,

    the Pilot badges and the Parachutist and para-instructor badges looks okay to me,

    due to the academy badges it is very difficult to say. There are two main collector oppinions.

    The first oppinion is, that only silver academy badges were given out and that all non

    silver badges are fakes.

    The other collector thinks that also non silver badges are okay. In the added picture is a comparision between a silver one and a none silver one.

    So, I don?t know. But these badges are heavily faked.

    In 1957 they dropped the name shields, but the military was not happy about it, so there were some customer made shields attached to badges in different ways Btw, there should be about 64 different variants.

    best regards


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    Guest Rick Research

    1950s academy badges were made out of silver, with shields pronged on.

    I should be ASTONISHED if anybody can come up with a 1980s badge made out of silver, and am not holding my breath for anybody anywhere to produce a mythical 15 Republics SILVER badge. :shame::rolleyes:

    It is urban myth that so many Academy badges which are simply RECENT are somehow fake, inducing paranoia among collectors which is not justified in my opinion.

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