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    Hi guys,

    Please see the attached photo of bars with Romanian decorations.  The 10-bar, second bar from the top, has foreign awards in slots six through ten.  I wondered if you might be able to share your thoughts as to whether decoration number eight is the Romanian Michael the Brave, or the Italian Roman Eagle?

    I had thought it was the former but would prefer to hear opinions from you guys who are far more advanced than I.

    Best regards,



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    Andreas – thanks so much for your reply, I appreciate it.  Both awards would be in place here given the other decorations, and it’s hard to know if a ribbon denotes one award vs. the other, or if it happened the be the closest match when the bar was made.  The two are similar, although I’m now leaning more toward the Roman eagle.  Hopefully more will chime in one way or another.
    Paul – thank you.  I really love all of these bars.  The two without long service are Luftwaffe bars as well.  One is identified by a photo (no name yet), the other came with a name which I’m researching.  These are the type of bars I prefer:  longer Luftwaffe bars showing first war service and/or foreign awards.  The 10-bar in question here, though, is remarkable for other reasons.
    Claudio – you are right about the 6th decoration.  It is the Zvonimir with wreath and a missing  device inside of it (which I'm assuming was a crown).  It's been pilfered in all likelihood.  I was asking about the 8th decoration, though.  Is it a Michael the Brave or Roman Eagle in your opinion?
    Best regards,
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    Hi Jason,


    The 8th decoration must be the Order of the Roman Eagle without swords (no swords devices on the ribbon), since it follows another Italian decoration (croce al merito military). The 6th decoration is the Zvonimir order without swords, the devices on that it's correct.





    Order of the Roman Eagle.jpg


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    Hi Paul,

    Thanks so much.  I've posted the photo of the original owner of the LW 8-bar (without long service decorations) before but nothing came of it, unfortunately.  I'll hold onto the name of the LW 11-bar for now as I'd first like to do some research on my own when time permits.

    But I appreciate it.  Everyone here is always so helpful and encouraging which is sincerely appreciated.  I really need to start taking photos of my bars and sharing them here.


    Claudio - thanks for your opinion.  I will go back and double check the Zvonimir ribbon with a loop to see if there's a hole there or it's just a scuff.  My eyes are still great long distance, but not so great up close.




    Edited by JasonA
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