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    Generalleutnant Ulrich von Henning auf Schönhoff

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    Hi Glenn, Andy and Dave,

    can I please ask you a great favour?

    I need informations about above - mentioned chap.

    Are there photos with his medals out there?

    Was he in China 1900 / 01?

    Which medals did he earn.

    Every help very appreciated.


    Kind regards

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    As requested here is the bio I have for him.  Please note that I do not include information from the Biblio series on the Generals, , so, there are a few gaps which can be filled in from that source.  II choose not to simply copy directly from someone else's work.


    Ulrich Henning auf Schönhoff  (22.08.1873-17.05.1942) 

    01.05.27-31.01.29          Kom. d. 1. Kav. Div.  (Frankurt a.O.)

    01.02.26-01.02.27          Art. Führ. VI  (Münster)

    01.07.23-01.02.26          Komdt. von Königsberg

    01.02.23-01.07.23          b. St. d. 1. Div.

    01.10.20-01.02.23          b. St. d. Art. R. 2

    27.02.18                         Ob. Quartiermstr. d. HG Scholtz

    17.11.17                         Verbindungsoffiz. b. k.k. Gr. Komdo Conrad

    22.07.17-17.11.17          Kom. d. Feldart. R. 33

    16.10.16-31.10.16          Chef d. Gen. St. d. Etappen Insp. 11

    08.07.14-1914                Gen. St. d. 28. Div.  (Freiburg)

    [13.01.14                        Mitgl. d. Stud. Komm. f.d. Kr. Sch.]

    26.10.12-08.07.14          i. gr. Gen. St.

    20.04.10-26.10.12          Chef 5./Feldart. R. 61  (Babenhausen)

    27.01.08-20.04.10          i. Gen. St. d. 25. Div.  (Darmstadt)

    18.05.07-27.01.08          i. gr. Gen. St.

    22.03.07-18.07.07          aggr. d. Gen. St., b. Landesaufn.

    01.04.05-22.03.07          k.z. Dienstl. b. gr. Gen. St. v. Feldart. R. 46

    21.07.03-01.04.05          in 6./Feldart. R. 46 (Celle)

    01.10.00-21.07.03          k.z. Kr. Akad. v. Feldart. R. 46

    18.08.96-01.10.00          in 5./Lehr. Abtl. d. Feldart. Schießsch.

    1895-18.08.96                in 5./Feldart. R. 10  (Hannover)

    1894                               in 4./Feldart. R. 10  (Hannover)

    18.08.92-1893                in 7./Feldart. R. 10  (Celle)

    18.08.92                         Sek.Lt.

    17.12.91                         Port. Fähnr.


    Orden 1924:                  PRAO4  PHOvH3mSchw  EK1  PDK  HE3mSchwu.Kr  BM4mSchwu.Kr  SA3  WK2cmSchw  BZ3amSchw  HP3a  HH   EH3a  ÖE3K  ÖM3K  TL2mSchw  TH  BO2

    Orden 1914:                  PRAO4  HP3a  HSH3a


    Gen.Lt. 01-03-28 (1)

    Gen.Maj.           01-02-26 (2)

    Oberst  01-07-21 (2)

    Oberstlt.           18-05-20

    Major    01-10-13 U13u

    Hptm.   22-03-07 V2v

    Oblt.     23-03-01 H4h*

    Leutn.   18-08-92

    *ern.     22-07-00


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    Thanks a lot Andy, very much appreciated! :beer:

    I have some questions about his medals, is the

    - TL2mS the Turkish Liakat medal silver with swords?

    - TH the Eiserner Halbmond?

    - BO2  the military merit order neck badge?

    but what does EH3a mean?



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    The EH3a is the 1924 abbreviation for the 1914 abbreviation HSH3a- Sachsen-Ernestinischer Haus Orden, Ritterkreuz 1. Kl.  and you are correct about the two Turkish awards.



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