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    Hi Chris!

    I read:

    Meiner lieben Schwärgerin Lisi

    von ihrem Schwager

    Karl Seinberger (or Steinberger), Pionier-Leutnant, Res.

    gewidmet Augsburg, April 1915

    herzlichen Gruß

    In the ranklists I´ve just found a Karl Leinberger from bavarian 1st Pionier-Bataillon.


    Leutnant in 1900, Oberleutnant in 1908, Hauptmann in 1914

    probably another one...

    This one wears the uniform of the General-Staff (Pionier-Korps)

    Screenshot (208).jpg

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    Hi Chris, yes I also read Karl Steinberger.

    Born 18/10/1888, 

    One year volunteer 1/10/12 in Pioneers

    1/7/13    U/O

    5/5/14    Vfld d R

    25/9/14  Off Stel RIR 17

    27/11/14  Commissioned as Lt d R in RIR17

    Later transferred back to Pioneers and served some time on the Staff of Bavarian Pioneer Battalion 05, hence the above uniform I suppose.

    Awarded EK2 20/11/14, EK1 25/5/17 and MVO4 28/12/16



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