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    Bavarian Sport-Leistungs Abzeichen in Silver

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    I would like to know your opinions about this Bavarian Sport-Leistungs Abzeichen in Silver. Dimensions cca 30 x 40 mm.
    Is it 1st version (Fassung) awarded only between 1949 -51, as I suppose?
    Thank you in advance for any info.





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    Here are a couple more examples of the above. The mini is approx; 18x16mm.





    A later version.- 46x39mm. Mini: 18x16. Mini-mini: approx 12x10

    DSC01665 (2).JPG


    DSC01666 (2).JPG


    The final version. Same size as above

    DSC01662 (2).JPG


    DSC01669 (2).JPG

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    That is very nice Uwe. I much prefer the 'Traditional/formal' style award certificate to the 'Modern' type. Here's mine:     (The Badges are shown above as 'The final version').




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    Not sure if Ribbon Bars and Miniature Medals were ever sactioned for the Bayerische Sport- Leistungs-Abzeichen. As the Badges are no longer awarded, I'm sure it is pretty academic. 

    Here are a couple of examples that have been available on e-Bay Germany for a few years now:



    sla bandschnalle.jpg

    sla miniature.jpg

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