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    Blutspendeehrennadeln - my precious metal colection

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    Hello all,


    here my small collection of Blutspendeehrennadeln all made of .925 silver and the pendant is made of .585 gold. I found so many Blutspendeehrennadeln but just a few

    are actualy made of precious metal.


    Feel free to post yours as well - they are prety uncommon to find.













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    Canged the text a little - maybe someone has a few to show of as well
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    .585 is Gold.

    The pendant i posted ist also .585 marked - hard to read on the photo.

    Those badges were made in 925 Silver, 333 Gold and 585 Gold.But it seems they made just a few of precious metal. I bet just the early ones.


    Have you a picture?

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    That is a very wide field!

    You can find silver content 835, 925 and 935.


    "... they made just a few of precious metal. I bet just the early ones"

    In princible yes, but you can find in the last years gold 333 badges in Nordrhein-Westfalen, for 50 donations up to 200 donations, with diamonds and brillants.

    For example:

    Blutspende 175 04.jpg

    It is in my collection, but not based on my blood.


    And there are so many variations

    - in the fastening,

    - in the gold/silver content,

    - in the numbers,

    - in the boxes.

    Blutspende 50.jpg


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