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    Need help as fast as possible please!

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    Hi Kris,

    Looks like a Hungarian 1918-1944 order of merit to me.

    The size and loop is not visible, but that will determine the grade.

    Kind regards



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    The case doesn't belong to the order( but to a Italian neck order....), everything is mixed up and some got lost...

    Thanks for your help guys!

    It is indeed a Hungarian order of merit.

    Thanks a lot Sampo, you have been a great help.


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    I didn't got the Dutch medal, and the mini bar of the guy...

    But instead I got the Hungarian order of merit for 25 euro!!:love:

    Here is a pic of the mini medal bar:


    miniatuur medailles.png

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    Hey Paul, 

    I'll stick to the antiques and collectibles.;-)

    Broke my neck several years ago, in every possible way one can break his neck, doctor told me that day not to do the lottery has I used all the luck I could possibly have in a lifetime.



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    Here is the beast! Can't call it "beauty"; as it has a chip in the enamel in the lower branche of the cross.

    I didn't noticed it, however it can be seen on my first picture.

    But hey, still a great buy, especialy with the case it came along; a Victor Emanuel III medal case ....My guess for a commander crown order ....

    hongaarse merit 010.JPG

    hongaarse merit 011.JPG

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