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Strange SS or SD Collar Tab or Luftwaffe Pioneer EM Collar Tab???

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As the topic states, I just recently let go a Black Collar Tab for the Right Side (Where the Runes would go or something else???) on an auction site.  I was thinning out some incidentals that had no use to me.

I never could figure out what it actually was due to it having six holes in it for the Right side of the Collar.  

Is it some strange SD (they had nothing on their right) or is it something as simple as a EM Luftwaffe Pioneer Collar Tab missing the metal insignia (Most likely a Pioneer or Sapper Feldwebel)? <---I am thinking this.

Where there Luftwaffe Personnel on temporary assignment to the SS (some strange posting) that wore SS Uniforms but used their own Rank?  I simply don't have an answer to this one folks.  Any help would be appreciated.

Please see the photos that I attach..

Rank Tab Front.jpg

Rank Tab 2.jpg

Rank tab Back.jpg

I am thinking that the two front photos of the Collar Tabs are upside down, but don't mind that.

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I did not buy it, I sold it.  It came in a box of stuff that I got from a relative.  I had no clue what it was nor any need for it, so I sold it.  Sorry for the crappy photos, but I just took it from my phone to put it on here.  It was the weirdest collar tab that I have ever seen.

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On 7/13/2016 at 15:22, ostprussenmann_new said:

If you look in the middle of the photo with the red circles, it looks like there is an imprint of some gulls now that you mention it.  Thanks for the comment.  Glad that I made some cash over it.


Odd comment, do you mean you did not sell it as a WL tab and made 'some cash' at someone elses loss?  It is not particularly valuable in that state.

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1 hour ago, Jock Auld said:

Odd comment, do you mean you did not sell it as a WL tab and made 'some cash' at someone elses loss?  It is not particularly valuable in that state.

No, Jock,  I sold it as an "unknown tab"  with the possibility of it being SS/SD. I made that very clear in the item description on the auction sight.  When the guy originally emailed me afterwards, I told him that at the time I did not have a clue what it was, but it was original and he bought under that accord. I am sure that he thought it was SD or something, but after the conversation on here, I told what I found out so he can do what he wants with it.  I am just glad that I made money off of it is what I was saying because I had no use for it.  It came in a lot that I bought at an estate auction in the US that bidded on.  I use the stuff from large lots that I buy at auctions to fund my personal collecting.

Why would I post something on here to brag that I intentionally ripped someone off?  I posted it in order to get validation for the buyer.  The community of militaria collecting is too small and there are too many jerks already out there selling fakes and crap of the sort and I am not one of them.  And why after finding out the true nature of the tab, would I get back in contact with the man who bought it if I was trying to rip him off?

I appreciate your comment and concern, but please don't accuse me of something that I did not do.

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Like you say there are enough people taking advantage of others.  Perhaps you should have done your validation before you sold it.  Your title on this thread includes the correct description of the tab and now you say the gull imprints are visible.  You say you sold it as an unknown tab possible SS/SD?  I hope the bloke did not pay too much for it as a possible SS/SD tab.  Not accusing you of anything it was a question. We all read the same text and interprit it differently is all.  I am always concerned for fellow collectors.

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