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    Original Uniform from last Marshal of the Soviet Union

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    Currently on ebay for US $1,500.00.

    This is the descrition:

    Original uniform from the personal property of the marshal of the Soviet Union Sergei Fjodorowitsch Achromejew. Marshal Jacket, trousers and cap. Achromejew was the last marshal of the Soviet Union and military adviser with Gorbatschow. Achromejew was a soldier in the 2 world war and was honored for his operation with the battle around Leningrad. In 1982 he was appointed the hero of the Soviet Union. On the 6th September,1984 he became a chief of staff of the Soviet Union and the last marshal of the Soviet Union. He served Michail Gorbatschowab in 1990 as the uppermost military adviser. In 1991 Achromejew took part in the putsch attempt which was destroyed, however. Later one finds Achromejew in his office. He has committed suicide. The uniform is 100% original of Achromejew. Very rare historical piece from the cold war. Good luck!

    What do members think of this?

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    I don't know about this particular uniform, but these marshall uniforms and hats have been manufactured for years from stocks of cloth and items at the tailor factories that produced the originals "back in the day".

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    Sorry pals, it's my first post reply on the club board.

    When I looked through this post coupla mins ago I specially registered to inform you that this item have been stolen almost right after the burrial ceremony of Marshal Akhromeyev right from his grave (and of course, from his corpse).

    The very first Google search result (on "Marshal Akhromeyev Uniform") gives Reuters message on September 4, 1991:

    "Vandals have dug up the freshly buried corpse of Marshal Sergei F. Akhromeyev and stripped the officer of his uniform".

    Now some bustards try to legally sell such a piece of military glory just for 15 hundreds! Not sure 'bout the "vandalizing grave" or "mutilating a corpse" law and its limitation period but they deserve much, MUCH more then couple years of probation!

    Very, very upset!

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    Guest Rick Research

    I would doubt VERY much that THIS uniform was removed during grave robbery.

    It is--at least over here--general embalming/funeral home practice to slit clothing up the back side so that it CAN be put over a body. Looks fine from the front, but a "hospital johnny" as a result. Shoes are not worn...

    and where would a HAT... go?

    Obviously any officer had more than ONE uniform. Whether that makes THIS uniform the Marshal's or a facsimile I couldn't guess.

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    2: order_of_victory


    Why? May be unscrupulous anyone else? For 15 years that uniform could be second-third-forth-hand.

    2: Rick Research

    Here in Russia I never heard of such practice.

    When my grandpa died (Colonel), his was burried in one of his old uniformes of Lt-Col. where I only had to put one additional star on every shoulder strap. When my father-in-law died, I had to buy all new stuff in Voentorg (Military shop) 'cause he had the only uniform in the closet which family left as memorabilia.

    Of course, Akhromeyev had more then one uniform. But I can't believe that when Marshal's grave was vandalized one of the family members went to antique shop or black market to sell another one. Don't think his relatives are lack of cash even after 15 years. For me it can't be second Akhromeyev uniform.

    Making such replica is not that difficult 'cept for 11 rows of ribbons with correct arrangement and correct coloring.

    I don't know probably it's a fake. I just gave you a tip.

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