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    Order of the White Elephant 2nd class / Scout Medal


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    Just wanted to share 2 more Thai Orders / Medals I have brought

    Order of the White Elephant 2nd Class, in case of issue, I was told Rama VI period?

    Also a Scout Medal, not sure which one this is as the ribbon different to other Scout Medals I have seen, was told 100th Anniversary medal for Scouts?

    any help or information would be great in relation to both Medals

    Regards and thanks








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    Hi Caz

    The first set is an official government issues set.  I can’t read the hallmarks, but they may give the date of original production.  Usually only the last two digits is given, along with the maker name.  (You can find Thai numbers easily online.)

    From reading the writing on the medal, the second medal is for the 100 year anniversary of the Thai scouts, in Bangkok in 2554 BE (2011 AD; AD = BE - 543).  I don’t know the background how it was used, but perhaps it is a less or unofficial medal ?


    obverse: 100 million thanks / 100 years of Thai scouts

    reverse: Bangkok 2554)




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    Hi Caz

    This is .. (abbreviation for กองกระษาปณ์) = the Thai Mint, followed by the date stamp 33 overstamped with 34.  (33 = 2533 = 1990, 34 = 2534 = 1991)

    Often sets from this time are stamped on both the breast star and the sash badge.  Plus the star perhaps looks a little older in the picture.  Perhaps the star was made earlier ?  Sometimes there can be nameplates, hallmarks, or scratchings inside the star.  If you press on the backplace and twist off counter-clockwise, you can remove it easily (if it was not glued in the screw).  Don't twist the front off, as it is wire-tied in place.  See dissassembled example (sorry, don't have handy one with internal marking just right now).

    Rama VI was King from 1911 to 1925 (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vajiravudh). This set would be from Rama IX period.




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