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  1. Hi Dave I agree with you that this needs much more research. In 32 years there should be a lot of orders given out to both Thai and to foreigners. Do you have a digital copy of that english translated book? You are correct that it sounds crazy that they should have printed certificates that lasted for over 30 years. Thats just stupid. So why it shows the old award are also a puzzel to solve. I have tried to send emails to the Thai secretariat but they never answer.
  2. I have a friend at the chancellery and he said that they havent taken back any orders for many many years. They try to get back the order of North Star and the order of the seraphime because they are still given out. Some countries send a person to colllect the order after a person died but Sweden dont do that.
  3. I looked in the Swedish "statskalendern" from 1880. Statskalendern are were important people in Sweden was listed with there ODM´s. I found 4 persons who hade recived this order. Carl Herman Oscar Ennes, Ärekors af Hohenz. Hus 0. 3:e kl. Frih. Gustaf Johan Wilhelm Ehrenborgh, Ärekors af Hohenz. Hus O. 2:a kl. Sven Hjalmar Thestrup, Ärekors af Hohenz. Hus-O. 3:e kl. Olde, Emanuel Mathias, Ärekors Hohenz. Hus. 0. 3:e kl. So these person would have gotten the order before 1880.
  4. The marks on the order. Makers mark CFC= Carl Fredirik Carlman. yearstamp K9 = 1960. The 3 crowns means its from Sweden. The mark between CFC and the crowns are the towns mark. Its made in Stockholm. CFC was the sole maker of Swedish royal orders between 1875-1998.
  5. Its the Swedish order of the Sword not Crown. It looks very nice i think.
  6. THe model are called "Båtmössa" Boatcap. The model yeare are 1948, m/48. Same cap are used by the Swedish navy as well. You can not see that it is for a officer in the reserv. reserv or "normal" offciers are using the same cap.
  7. I have never ever seen a set up like that. That you wear the star as a separate miniature. Interesting....
  8. Very nice group!! You know who the group belong to? (Vem mottagaren är) Little strange that it have the same order in diffrent classes. That is not the way "we" do it in Sweden. The order of the White Elephant and the order or the Crown changed its appearances in 1909. The attached document prove that. unfortunately its in Thai. The far left medal seams to be the Rajamangala Bhisek Medal, Commemorative Medal on the Occasion of the Longest Reign Celebrations of the Accession to the Throne of H.M King Chulalongkorn. The second from left seams to be the Rajini Medal, Commemorative Medal of H.M Queen Saovabha Phongsri´s Investiture as Queen Regnant. order of the crown 1909.pdf order of the white elephant 1909.pdf
  9. Yes "For Fred og Frihet" translates to For Peace and Freedom.
  10. I think there are versions of the medal. I seen diffrent backsides as well. This medal have diffren backside then the one you showed.
  11. It is the National Service medal for the Air force of Norway. Here are all the service medals from Norway, Army. Navy. Air Force. National guard,
  12. Very similar one was sold in 2013. https://www.bukowskis.com/sv/lots/412330-miekka-1700-luku-merkitty-srie80?from_language=fi
  13. I just got this The Most Exalted Order of the White Elephant miniature medal. It is not often i seen a miniature medal from Thailand. so i wanted to share it with you all. The size are 21mm. I could not find any makers mark on it.
  14. Im not able to see the picture
  15. Hello Archer This is really a Thai puzzle. A thai friend tryed to explain this to me but he didnt really have a good explination for it. As i understand it is that Thai people can wear these Commemorative Medals as they wish. But i thought that they hade to be born during the Commemorative Medal was given out. Se attached Picture. I Think this is a very interesting topic and i will look more into it.
  16. This was sold in a auction in Sweden not long ago. See link https://prob.auction2000.se/auk/w.object?inC=PROB&inA=20200104_1146&inO=341
  17. Its common in Sweden. The Swedish regualtions say that you wear Swedish orders/medals first then the nordic countries then other countries, names in french, and last international medals, such as UN, NATO etc. The last medal on the bar are in the wrong Place. I Think it was awarded after he mounted the medals and didnt want to ree do it all, so he just put it last.
  18. This old versions of the order of the white elephant are before 1909. The order of the elephant and the order of the crown was changed in 1909. order of the white elephant 1909.pdforder of the crown 1909.pdf
  19. The government in Sweden has started an investigation to reintroduce so that Swedish citizens can again be awarded the Swedish orders. As well as resurrecting the dormant orders. So we will see what happens.
  20. Thats great. I think the swedish orders are one of the most beautiful orders. Maybe because im swedish
  21. Both orders have the same number of classes, 5. The order of vasa is an open order. So anyone, almost, could get it for almost anything . The order of the northen star was given for Civil- and scientific- merits. So for example embassy staff are given the nothern star. Thats is why i think there are more asians who got awarded the Northen star because there was not so many asians before 1975 in Sweden eccept embassy staff.
  22. Hi Dave I think its typical for old ribbons that the color fade. Very nice to see miniatyre medal. Not often i see Thai miniaryr medals. BR Micke
  23. I haven seen two diffrent ribbons to this medal, if its the same medal. I think it is. I seen one medal with white ribbon and one with blue ribbon. Which is the right ribbon? Blue or white? I think the blue are the right one and that the other medal's ribbon has become sun-bleached, but im not 100% sure.
  24. Well... For me it look little strange. Specially if you look on the thread on which the ribbons are sewn with on the reverse side. Most often when you make a mounting it is the same color on the thread on the back. Here you have diffrent threads on almost all medals. And it's not made very professional.
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