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    unknown automatic rifle magazine case

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    I came across this Magazine case. Firstly I had no idea as to what it was as was wrapped in wax type paper, unwrapping it saw it was a magazine case but I have no idea for what kind of Automatic Rifle it would have been used for.  Also I think its British and from the WW2 era, but again I don't really know. I was hoping someone on here would be able to help. Thank you all in advance for all the info you may have :) 







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    It does look similar my only thought was its quite slim being about 1.75 inches wide and just under 4 inches long.  I did wonder if perhaps it was German rather than British.  Although my initial thought was British. The only reason being, if it could be German for the MP40 Semi Automatic Machine Pistol, but again I though the Magazines for the gun were longer. hmmm very puzzling.

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    Could this be a magazine for the M1 Carbine? The magazine base looks to be of US pattern and there must have been many contracted Firms making these to provide minor variations to the standard.


    Regards Simon


    One for sale showing similarities.



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    its does look very similar doesn't it... I think you could be right... interesting, so it's US? never thought of it being US. Do you think it is original? I've never seen it before so wondered if it was authentic...

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    I know little about M1s, beyond the general knowledge one picks up, and I hold no brief for them but SoF has a good rep among the people I know, so I'd be satisfied that they think it is genuine and won't deliberately sell you a pup.  That doesn't rule out mistake or mis-ID, but they seem to know there business, for what that's worth.  I know people who buy WWI items from them and speak well of the company.

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    On ‎2‎/‎24‎/‎2017 at 11:38, Asil76 said:

    Here are some more photos, I can't see any markings on it.


    IMG_4323 copy.jpg

    M-1 Carbine.  I just don't know what manufacturer.  Another interesting fact, is that the Brits and Aussies also used M-1 Carbines in Korea I believe.

    An of course I love this picture...





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    Sorry for a bleated response, but this is a typical Underwood contract M1 Carbine magazine (there is a U mark on the back spine of the magazine that I can make out fairly clearly). This is not a rare maker of these, but it is original. 

    Always nice to get one out of the grease wrap. :D  

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