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    Latvia Partisan Badge

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    Latgale guerrilla regiment (Latgales partizanu pulks) was formed of several guerrilla groups operating against the Bolsheviks in northern Latgale. By the autumn of 1919, the number of the regiment reached 1500 people. February 23, 1922 Latgale guerrilla regiment was disbanded and partly converted into a battalion, which was accepted on April 1 2nd Battalion of the 9th Infantry Regiment Rezekne. The badge of the regiment was approved November 10, 1921.

    It has the form of a Maltese cross covered with black enamel, with 1mm silver edging. At the upper end of the cross - silver "dead head", on the bottom - regiment formation year "1919". In the centre there is  the Latvian national emblem (the first version): the rising sun with three five-pointed stars. Between the ends of the cross - crossed swords, 40 mm long.

    This military unit takes its origins from several guerrilla groups formed in the occupied Bolsheviks Augshkurzeme townships (Upper Kurland). After the retreat of the Red Army scattered guerrilla units were combined into Augshkurzemsky guerrilla regiment on June 13, 1919. June 20, the regiment was included in the Latvian army, and on August 16 converted to the 3rd Battalion of the 3rd Infantry Jelgava regiment. 



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    On 2/19/2017 at 07:03, Aussie said:

    Can any member provide me with a description for this badge. All I know that it is from Latvia and is for a Partisan Brigade Badge  from the 1920's


    Robert Maher




    I hope you know that the badge you posted is a repro.



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    Hi Dave,

    It's a well known fake, discussed on many profile forums. It was sold in quantities some time ago while original badges are really scarce.

    But what make it an evident fake is the fact that a badge with the same design exists with 2 different maker marks :) Pls see this and compare.



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