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    1. A big big thanx, Dave! Kaiser it is, I made a mistake. Thank you again!
    2. Hi Gents, Can anyone help me to understand what is written here? This came with a group on a person with surname Keiser but I'm not sure it belongs to the group. Many thanx in advance! Best! Serg
    3. Hi Gents, Is it possible to tell precisely when this order was made? Spanish production as I understand, marked with star for silver content and unreadable maker mark. Best! Serg
    4. P.S. Refreshed my memory by one of the sources and I stand corrected. Only the 1st cross (which you call cross for privates) was established in 2 classes (all gilded/silvered with gilded shields). The other two had just one class. All crosses were established 16.11.1919
    5. Hey Johan, As I said, it's a minefield, so I will not insist by now. As you see we're arguing using phrases like "I read this somewhere" and " I was told", because none has any serious arguments. To provide more info I need to buy and check some books on a subject, will get back if I'll have more info. But to be honest, all these enameled versions around look unused and brand new IMO. And the Merit cross (with wreath) which by your info was awarded only twice, do exist in 4 examples, at least I've seen 4 of them thus far. Best! Serg
    6. Hi Johan, These crosses are the minefield, to be honest. First of all, I've read about such types: 1. Cross for privates, 1st and 2nd class 2. Cross for officers, 1st and 2nd class 3. Cross for bravery/merit, also in two classes (with swords). Ciphers of ppl awarded differs from source to source, something like 20 ppl / 1st class of cross for privates and around 100 with the 2nd. As for officers/bravery crosses, only few of them were ever given. As far as I'm concerned, no one has ever shown neither 1st class of any type nor the 2nd class for bravery. What disturbs me when looking at your pictures...following the description these crosses were NOT enameled. 1st class badges for privates were gilded and the 2nd class badges were silvered with gilded shield, while other two types were gilded with silvered wreaths. Jani Tiainen once showed this cross which looks believable. Whoever made enameled specimens, when and why--I have no idea. One more from the internet. Translation: Bravery Cross of the Ingrian White Wall
    7. Hi Andreas, Out of curiosity, are there any examples when imperial shoulder boards were used like this? Might be an option. Another assumption--some unofficial/half official post war Bund/Verein/military organization ? Again, should it happen that anyone know/have examples of such a use? Best! Serg
    8. ...long time ago You're right, just another mysterious item in this hobby. I'm fine with that, may be we can solve it later. Thanx everyone for their help!
    9. Thank you all so much for your opinions! To make our life easier I made bigger scan. And honestly said, I tend to agree with Andreas, I see W not M. Look a the 3rd vertical bar, or how it's called, it's shorter in lower part comparing to other two, as it is shortened in all W letters in all gothic scripts I've ever seen. You can't find it in M letters.
    10. Hi Jannis, IMO a fantasy piece. You can find it on ebay for sale from famous crooks. Best! Serg
    11. Hi Stojan, Definitely a good one, the most often encountered type. These are met with Sedlatzek mark sometimes, yes. Best! Serg
    12. Hi Gents, Any chance to ID these shoulder boards and name the unit? Best! Serg
    13. Wow, Uwe, very nice example of Heinrich Timm made clasps! These are not so often met comparing to others, especially in such a configuration and quantities. Thanx for showing.
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