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    Hi all,

    Can anybody help me to identify this chap neck order and breast star please. Medal on his chest must be Indian Mutiny medal.

    I am thinking something from Vatican/order of St.John knights of Malta or even Brunswick House Order of Henry the Lion?

    Any ideas would be great help,



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    The Order he is wearing is slightly different from the illustration above. It is a Civil Division, Pre 1905 Second class set, with Oscar I monogram. Now to find British recipients of the Order probably 1880s or 90's who participated in the Indian Mutiny, although with a no clasp medal it  is always possible he was a civilian.


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    Paul, surely you mean Oscar II monogram? Oscar II reigned 1872 -1907, while his father - Oscar I - reigned 1844-1859. Nevertheless a nice photo from which I hope is possible to identify the recipient.


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    Well, my bet is that he's wearing a 1906-37 type Olav Commanders 1st class set. The ciphers of the Oscar type is very distinct and different from the ones on the photo (look below) and there's no lion above the crown.

    But interesting that he have an India Mutiny and 50 years later he gets a Olav Commander 1st class without having anything else. It's probably too late, but somebody should teach him the basics about mounting the ribbon !!!



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