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    Military Medal to Sjt W. Allington, North Russia 1919

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    Recently I obtained a George V Military Medal inscribed on the rim with: 129142 Sjt W. ALLINGTON 45 R.FUS.

    After doing a bit of research I found the following. I hope some other forumites can give some additional information as it is very scarce at thè moment.


    William Allington was from Rochester. 1 september 1914 he was recruited into the Queen's Regiment. His servicenumber was S 317. He was 35 years of age and probably served with the Queen's (Royal West Surrey) Regiment in the Boer war, South Africa. His servicenumber changed to 129142 (the MIC says GS/129142). He arrived in France on 8 november 1914.

    He was awarded the 1914 star, the British War Medal and the Victory medal. His rank in 1918 was Lance Corporal.

    In 1919 he volunteered for the North Russia Relief Forces (NRRF) and joined the 45th batalion Royal Fusiliers as a Serjeant. This batalion was part of the Sadleir-Jackson Brigade. In the summer of 1919 they fought the Reds in the Archangel - North Dvina area. Probably for his actions in august 1919 he was awarded the Military Medal. 

    He is mentioned in the London Gazette of 22 January 1920 and the Edinburgh Gazette of 27 January 1920.


    That's about all I could find.

    Please Enjoy the pictures.






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    Thanks Simon for you reaction. 

    I am not familiar with these award rolls, never seen one. What can be seen on such rolls?  

    You mention several units but no dates. Are the units you mention from his WW1 service?


    I know that in 1914 William Allington was assigned to the 2nd batalion of the Queen's (Royal West Surrey) Regiment. (2./Queen's Regt) with servicenumber S 317 and the rank of Lance Corporal.  

    Does your a/m list means that he served in WW1 with the 2nd, 6th, 1st and 6th batalion of the Queen's (Royal West Surrey) Regiment respectively and ended the war in 1918 as a Sergeant?  




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    Hello Herman,

    Basically each Unit would have a Roll recording the details of each Man entitled to the relevant Campaign Award for that Regiment, in this case the Royal Fusiliers Roll B Sheet Number GS/8795 dated 26th April 1922 records the Men entitled to the British War Medal and Victory Medal within that Unit.

    Details recorded are Regimental Number, Name, In sequence Units and Corps previously served with and relevant Regimental Numbers, Theatre of War served in, Record of Disposal and Remarks.

    These Rolls are not always filled in completely and so with your Man we have his Number, Name and Units served in during the Great War and obviously the confirmation of his entitlement to the BWM and Victory Medal.

    I have had a look for his 1914 Star entitlement and this is recorded on the Roll for 2nd Battalion Queens Royal West Surrey Regiment which is undated but shows your Man as Number S317 L/Cpl Allington, with a date of disembarkation of 8th November 1914. This Roll also shows that on 11th August 1919 this Medal was despatched by post to Him.

    Hope this helps,


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    Simon,  thanks for the explanation. It is more clear to me now.

    Now I just have to find the rest of his medals. 



    Edited by Herman
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