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Hi All ,

I would firstly just like to say a big thank you to Nick the Chairman for giving post war German awards a chance here on this excellent website .

I,m looking forward to seeing the excellent 1957 awards you guys have and posting pictures of my own awards .

Hopefully this will become a regular thing and we can all learn a little more about this grey area of Germany,s post war awards , East and West !!

Cheers !! :cheers:

Edited by Grant Broadhurst
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Is this intended just for the de-Nazified Third Reich awards, or is it wider? Grant, you suggest that DDR might be welcome too. Am I correct? I had thought the discussion that led up to the forum focused on BRD and especially TR remakes. Don't want to go where I'm not welcome, you know . . . . :beer:

If it is part of the scope here, I can put up some DDR things, but . . . . :unsure:

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Hi Ed ,

To be honest i,m not sure !

I should think both east and west and the now united federal german awards would be welcome on this forum .

I focus on 1957 west german awards and i,m starting to spread into federal german awards but i know that east german awards have their own fans .

They were all a result of germany being split up after the war and all have their places in her history .

I have no problem with east german awards being shown here but i,m not the boss so i,ll leave that to the bigger boys to decide ! :blush:

Edited by Grant Broadhurst
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great idea, grant!

i'll add the pieces i have, and hope

that there will be some great pieces

placed here.

good luck!


Looking forward to seeing the pieces you guys have , i,ll post some of my own when i get time . :cheers:

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Whilst this forum came from the initial demand for a venue to cover "1957" awards, it is indeed intended as a home for all post 45 German awards, be they 57 versions of TR awards, awards of the BRD or awards of the DDR.

I know we have members who have some fine examples of the Bundesverdienstkreuz and I hope we see some of the nice quality early examples of these as well as Communist DDR awards.

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Hi All,

Just wanted to say thanks for the opportunity to be able to post as well as to see so many terrific post war German awards. :jumping::cheers:

Looks like it's off to a great start and I for one can't wait to see more! :love:

Keep up the good work! :cheers:


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