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    2 new photos i got.

    1.) written in winter 1917/18 in Mitau, he signed with Julius. I think on the front it is hin unreadable name.

    He wears the IC 1st class and the Lippe-Detmold Kriegsehrenkreuz für heldenmütige Tat (ca. 740 awards)

    2.) A nice new non combatant grandpa. Written on 30.12.1925 - on the back "Albin Zimmermann Oberleutnant d. Landwehr.... (?) Landsturm

    infanterieersatzbtl. Saargemünd XXI./6. Magdeburg (seems that he was born 31.10.1857)

    One more for my 1914 non combatant pic collection :D



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    Fay-le-Noyer was (is) a small village in the departement Aisne, southeast of St. Quentin.

    That doesn´t match with Mitau...

    The Inf.Rgt.55 (Lippe-Detmold) was from middle to end of may 1917 at the Aisne (50km southeast of Fay-le-Noyer.

    The IR55 and the Res.IR55 hadn´t been in the east...

    Could you please show us the reverses of both cards?


    To photo 2.

    That was the 1.Landsturm-Infanterie-Ersatz-Bataillon Saargemünd (XXI.6)

    It stood in Magdeburg.

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    If the Rufname of "Julius" is correct, then the first one should be: 

    Winkelsesser, Julius Emil Theodor, *27.2.1880 in Detmold, Landrichter ebenda; Hptm.d.L. II, Regts.-Adj., LIR 15.

    He was awarded the Lippe-Detmold Kriegsehrenkreuz für heldenmütige Tat (LKEK) on 26.4.1917.  He had earlier received the Lippe-Detmold Kriegsverdienstkreuz (LK) on 14.4.1915.  He would later receive the Fürstlich Lippisches Hausorden des Ehrenkreuzes 4. Klasse, 1. Abteilung, mit Schwertern (LDH4aX) on 12.10.1918.  He also received the Kreuz für treue Dienste (SLK) from Schaumburg-Lippe on 3.5.1916.

    The only other Julius to receive the LKEK before Winter 1917/18 was Julius Schönian, but he was an active Major.

    Regarding the number of awards, the numbering of the receipts for the LKEK runs to 740, but there were 2 repeated numbers, so there were 742 total award receipts.

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    Hello Dave!

    Julius Winkelsesser could be right!

    Ldw.Inf.Rgt.13 belonged to the 13th Ldw.Div.

    Their battles around winter 17/18 were:

    21.6.17-31.1.18: Battles of the Siegfriend-Line (2nd army)

    1.1.18-20.3.18: Trenchbattles at St. Quentin and at the Oise (2nd army)

    That division belonged to the Oise-Group (XVII.Army Corps), which was located south-east of St. Quentin, which matches with Fay-le-Noyer!

    In the attached map, Fay-le-Noyer is somewhere in the word "Oise" between Sissy and Nouvion-Catillon.

    I don´t know, why the map appeares twice...Scannen0002.thumb.jpg.17888ee2275f3df6b319474547741235.jpg

    Julius Winkelsesser was not mentioned in the ranklist of 1904, but since 1908 he was in the Landwehr-district Detmold, so he was an active officer between 1905 and 1907 (unfortunately I don´t have the ranklists of 1905, 1906 and 1907 ; I´ll get the 1906 next week)

    Attached is the list of the Oise-Group (page of Ldw.Inf.Rgt.15) of march 1918

    But the reverses were helpful...

    Great work, Dave!




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