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    French Aux Heros De Fachoda Medal information please


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    For about 50 odd years I had this medal in a box with some more medals and I am trying to find out some information about it . I know that Toulon was a Marine Garrison town , the Fachida incident was in East Africa 1898  I believe Captain Merchant connected to the campaign was a Marine in Toulon, it resulted in about 700 killed or injured. I have been searching to find anything about the award but to no avail  like who it was awarded to and the significant of toulon . thanks for any information. Could it be just a commemorative piece and of no value as a medal?             

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    Please, look at this link: http://archives.ville-saumur.fr/_depot_amsaumur/_depot_arko/fonds/echo_saumurois/pdf/1899/FRAC049328_ECHSAU_1899_06_02.pdf

    The article "Marchand à Toulon" tells the circumstances in which this medal was offered. It also includes a brief description of the medal.

    Sorry, it in in French Language.

    Best regards.


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    Thank you Francois for your information all I have to do is translate it. sorry a bit late replying but have been unavailable for a while.

    Kind regards 


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