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    Need your Help Gents..

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    It has indeed been a while and I hope is well with everyone.  I happened upon this item and most likely a family time and not military, However was curious if anyone could shed some light on this piece?

    Thank you so much and seeing that it is most likely Scottish, I wanted to give it a whirl. 

    Kind Regards, 






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    The hooks suggest a shoulder belt plate, rather than a waist belt, but that would seem to have the cipher - 'E L'? - turned on its side.  I wonder if it is for a band/piper.

    Also, I would have expected a belt plate to be stamped or moulded - late 18th/early 19th century - rather than having the cipher added as this one is, which strikes me as Victorian.  But I may be totally out to lunch!

    Very curious but clearly quality work.

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    I thank you so much for the information you provided. Though there are no marker's marks, I'm in agreement that the craftsmanship is exceptional. Here is another picture from a different angle. 

    Thank you again!






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    Ok, then!  Now it's an 'M ?' cipher.  To quote an old joke, I am better informed but none the wiser.  No clue.  

    Such a lovely piece, though, that were it mine I'd keep it just for the aesthetic value even if none of the learned gents here or elsewhere can offer a postivie ID. :)


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    Morning Gents

    As 'Manuel' once said 'I know nothing' but that never stops me

    To me it looks like...

    E (curvy)

    L (ends Lower)

    then the half size 'bit' on the lower right... maybe is ....

    i   or   l



    'EL the first' of 'somewhere' is my drunken guess. ?



    **Although I reckon sometimes it's better not to know - because It can be harder to keep 'pretty' things on a whim if you do....




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    Hi Gents


    i not sure which way my edited pic will show.

    I've rotated yours 90' and side on it is really looks like an L and E intertwined.IMG_4431.PNG.2ed4783b3a7de6244668844e55245842.PNG


    excuse my poor attempt


    Edited by Farkas
    Adding poor drawing
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