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    Gnr E Tomlins 232227 RA - Help with Medal Index Card

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    Hey there, I've come into possession of this man's Victory Medal and I'm having trouble interpreting the comments in the "Remarks" portion of the card and their significance. I'm also wondering why there is no Theatre listed or entry therein.


    And could anyone provide further information on the recipient Gunner Tomlins? I don't have access to the pension records.


    Much appreciated,


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    This is speculative, but I think that the references to the 'BW' are to another roll - not sure why there would be two - and that the extra information you seek is on that roll, the 'original', so to speak.  

    Perhaps one of our British members with more experience with those records can confirm or refute this?

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    Having checked the relevant Medal Roll for your Man, it confirms the information on his MIC and states 'BW Medal Rtd CRSB85 15/6/36 NW/5/38275 scrapped'

    Basically I believe it means that the BWM was returned and scrapped 15/6/36! Now we just need to know why. Enquiries continuing and will get back to you if I find anything.


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    Having looked at similar MIC entries on the British Medal Forum site, one theory is that Gunner Tomlins may have lost his Medal at some stage, it was subsequently found by a third party and then returned to the War Office, who having no way of locating him scrapped the medal. An interesting theory and one which could tie in with the date of 1936 shown.


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