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    Help with identification of military/police pith helmet

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    Hi can anybody help with this  helmet, it is labelled inside pith helmet(tag), g reed (written)

    it looks like it has had white paint added at sometime, dont know if its always been white and red or if someone has added it (been white and red for a while)

    many thanks   (sorry for the sideways pics, but they loaded like this, and cant change)







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    It looks like, as far as I can tell, a fairly standard police/military issue topi - Britain/Empire - which some trog has 'improved' with red and white paint and a non-regulation red band.  I'd assume it was picked up cheap, and used for amateur theatricals or a costume party.  Th eliner looks original though, and it's a shame to see it butchered tis way. :(

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    From the photos, it seems it was never intended to be white. You may be successful in removing the paint from the metal fittings. However, you will not get the paint off the fabric covering, which should be black/dark navy blue. Looking at the two holes where the badge has originally been, it suggests that the original badge was a fairly small one. At a guess, possibly Berkshire Constabulary. The canvas chin strap is not original to the helmet, nor is the red band around it. You could have a go at restoring it and then see what the end result looks like. The white paint may come off if its water based emulsion, but other than that I think its a lost cause. Its a shame because the cork shell appears quite sturdy.


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    I thought about putting in a bid for this on eBay a few weeks ago but thought better of it.

    Depending on the type of paint & the fabric it may be possible to chip or peel the paint off.

    I had complete success with this Wolesely using a penknife blade to remove  a thick layer of white & khaki  paint aouple of months ago, even getting the paint of the pagri, but then it's probably a case of success with a different type of paint & different fabrics.





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