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    Can you read the name of this Badische Officer?

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    There is no von Lancken in the DR 22 Stammliste. It appears to be, rather, Ernst v. Saucken, *8.1.1873 in Elkinehlen bei Targutschen, †1.12.1883 in Karlsruhe. Prem.Lt.in DR 22 on 19.3.1872, promoted to Rittmeister on 9.7.1878, and retired on 16.11.1882.

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    Dave, if there is not any Lanersen nor Lancken, you could be right. Von Saucken could really be the officer we´re talking about.

    Any appointments in his carrer are listed in the stammliste?





    Dave, by the way, are you sure his birthday was in 1873? I see promotions in 1872

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    Typo, should be 1843. That's pretty much all there is in the Stammliste. It does not even say which regiment he was in before DR 22. He was a Prussian, not a Badener, and did not start out with the regiment. 

    However, after a little further digging, I found that he got his EK2 as a SekLt. in Ulanen-Regt. Nr. 8.  The UR 8 Stammliste adds a bit more information:


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    Thanks. That loop that looks like a tilde is apparently that mark in handwriting to distinguish a "u" from an "n". We're also lucky that the rank was Premierlieutenant, since that rank was Germanicized in 1899 or so to Oberleutnant. The DR 22 Stammliste came out in 1898, so he pretty much had to be in it.

    In a weird coincidence, given my typo above, I just came across a typo in the 1916 Saxon Militärverordnungsblatt where IR 178 was listed as IR 148. My typo makes sense, since 4 is next to 7 on the keypad on the side of my keyboard, but I would think the MVB was typeset.

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