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    Victorian Navy Officers - group photo.

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    Hi Gents

    i picked this up recently. It was previously framed and is cardboard backed. It is a 6"x4" photo as opposed to smaller postcard size.

    i don't know if this is a familiar/much used image to you Gents? or a photo with small personal circulation.


    it didn't occur to me to share it until I looked with my trusty eyepiece and spotted the details on the breech. Which makes it a little more interesting perhaps.

    i also noticed the man lying on deck to the left of the group which seems unusual!



           Q.F.6IN. 11. E.O.C. 1896

                            No 424



    Hope you like Gents


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    What a cool picture! My over-active imagination suggests at least three men (prisoners?) under the watchful eye of that stern looking gent just out of focal range. That gun looks brand spanking new. 

    If we rule out Somali pirates, that leaves...uh... anyone...anyone? 

    Very cool picture. Mike. 

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    I would guess a private photo.  Travelling photographers were a feature of Victorian life and chronicling one's travels and service was becoming common so, absent evidence to the contrary - archive or gov't stamps - I'd guess this one was 'commissioned' by the men it pictures.  Just my tuppence worth, though.

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    Hi Gents

    thank you all for your thoughts and musings !

    i hadn't spotted the extra feet on the left - nice one Mike - I agree 3...

    And Peter yes I'm happy with that. a private shot - I had hoped so - as long as no one knew the image that is - so far do good.

    I like to think this belonged to one of men shown and has been on a family fireplace or similar for a long time. Probably in a nice antique frame! 


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    • 4 weeks later...

    Hi Gents

    ive been looking for this for weeks on and off!

    I think it is .... Part of a report relating to The Battle of Jutland. (Marked Diagram II)

    It portrays a hyperthetical situation  if the fleet had deployed differently. A bit beyond my understanding but still interesting and I think worth sharing.....

    I bought it at the same time and from the same place as the photo  so I thought I'd list it alongside....

    size 11 x 13 inches

    a lithograph image (?!)

    hope its of interest Gents 







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