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    My British War medals

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    Hi Gents

    Nothing to shout about but I want to share these with names for 'the record'. If anyone named is special to you please let me know....

    Btw. the first -


    Sjt J Coghlan

    Royal Artillery 

    Is probably the only 'extra fine' medal I have!

    please add your own if you fancy...
















    hope you like Gents


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    • 3 weeks later...

    Hi Simon

    sadly I havent followed things up with research....

    i used to know more about some. A couple I have MIC roll copies for somewhere but that's about it.

    I'm having a serious rummage to reassess what I have. Maybe once that's done I'll spend the time looking into these properly.

    Mainly I have collected Austro Hungarian pictures but even those I still haven't researched.

    Only got on-line 2 years ago when my mum gave me her old I-phone!



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    Hey Simon,

    Thanks, I like it a lot!

    Found out the group she was in, along with here sister.

    The sister also got the BWM and a other higher medal.

    I posted it all on this forum a few years ago, but I can't find it again...

    Special to it was that it came from a house clearing with a German (very nice ) officer pickelhaube with a old news paper page in it,treating about a spy story. Both must have been related one to a other, but the story is lost....

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    • 11 months later...

    Hi Gents

    when I originally posted this i now realise I should have typed the recipients details to enable interested parties to find them, which was my original intention, should they search...

    so I will do so shortly...




    i have said before elsewhere here that I habitually bit on BWM.

    Currently I bid 11 pounds, scrap value being 10 pounds or so. If someone else pays 11.50 and postage then I like to believe they want the medal itself.

    Recently I acquired this one.....



    The medal I received was issued to:

    109077 C.Q.M. SJT. G. SPEED. R.E.

    Service number 109077. Company Quarter Master Serjeant G Speed of the Royal Engineers.






    So Gents, my point is, if you feel the same about saving these and like BWM anyway then give it a go....

    cheers gents


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