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    Awards of Electronic Warfare Troops


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    The Russian Defense Ministry continues to issue awards quite specific to branches and specialities.  These are for Electronic Warfare Troops:

    Medal "For Service in Electronic Warfare Troops"

    Awarded to military personnel of all ranks of the Electronic Warfare Troops of the Russian Federation with at least 5 years of service, for valour, ingenuity and courage displayed during service, for excellent performance of duties. May also be awarded to citizens of the Russian Federation, whose actions helped in the development and establishment of the Electronic Warfare Troops of the Russian Federation.


    Decoration "For Merit" of Electronic Warfare Troops awarded to officers and warrant officers.


    Decoration "For Distinction" of Electronic Warfare Troops awarded to soldiers, sergeants and master sergeants.


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    6 hours ago, Megan said:

    But where do they go in the order of precedence of Russian Ministry of Defence awards?

    I posted the order of precedence for medals earlier in another post, anything new, unless specifically mentioned in its establishment order, goes at the end of the line.  As for these breast badges, they go below state awards worn in a similar fashion in the order of establishement as per medals.  Since these are mostly bestowed to NCOs and junior officers, thet don't have to shuffle much out of the way unlike their generals...

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