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    Can anyone idenify this maker's mark?

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    I just got this WWI German Ks98 style trench knife bayonet. It has the standard Imperial era blade with a large full size bayonet functional hilt. It is polished steel not nickel plated. I have not ever seen this manufacture's Bull logo. Can anyone shed any light on the manufacturer?


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    Here are photos of the entire knife.  The washer is leather although this is clearly a private purchase piece.  I believe the scabbard is original to this knife as the leather handle loop is quite large compared to an average girth of a trench knife handle.  The handles are made from horn.  It is in very nice condition as can be seen in the photos.  The only bayonet  detail missing is the cleaning slots in the handle.

    ks98 TK   Arnholdt Brouch a1.jpg

    ks98 TK   Arnholdt Brouch a2.jpg

    ks98 TK   Arnholdt Brouch a3.jpg

    ks98 TK   Arnholdt Brouch a4.jpg

    ks98 TK   Arnholdt Brouch a5.jpg

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