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    2 Garde FAR in Jüterbog im Juli 1907

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    Hi guys, some years ago, I've took from the net this really interesting photos. Apologizes if any of you is the owner.

    There's a lot of names of Officers on it. Any datas on them?


    Many thanks once more

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    Truppenubungsplatz Juterbog .or Juterbog West also Schiessplatz Juterbog . is the place were the photo was taken . The garnison of the "Garde 2 FAR was Potsdam . Today still exists military facilities in Juterbog . During the Empire the the Artillerie Schiesschule was relocated in 1890 from Berlin to Juterbog ,65 km south west from Berlin .

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    I only have the ranklists of 1906 and 1908.


    Lt. v. Busse (prom. 18.10.03), 6.Batterie

    Lt. v. Studnitz (prom. 22.6.06), 2.Batterie

    Lt. v. Bonin (prom. 27.1.99), 5.Batterie



    Lt. v. Busse, 1.Batterie

    Lt. v. Studnitz , 2.Batterie

    Lt. v. Bonin, 6.Batterie

    The rank Oberleutnant v. Bonin seems to be wrong. The ranklist 1909 shows him as Lt.d.Ldw. in Garde-Landwehr of 2.Garde-Feldart.Rgt.

    The ranklist 1911 shows him as Oberleutnant d.Ldw. in Garde-Landwehr of 2.Garde-Feldart.Rgt.

    So, it was wrong or the card was written in 1910/11

    I can´t read N°3

    Edited by The Prussian
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    Bonin is Swantus Ernst Robert Bruno, * 5.7.1878 in Halle a.S., † 8.4.1946 in Berlin.  After a short time in the Landwehr, he returned to active duty, first as a reserve officer of 2.GFAR attached to the active regiment. In March 1913 he was reactivated as an Oberleutnant with a Patent of 21.2.11, and in September was transferred to the 4.GFAR. He was promoted to Hauptmann on 8.10.14, and retired after World War I as a Major.

    Ernst Anton Edmund Luyken, * 5.7.1879 in Düsseldorf, † 26.3.1967 in Wiesbaden, was a Staatsanwalt in Saarbrücken.  He was mobilized on 12 August 1914 and served the entire war, rising to Hauptmann der Reserve in February 1918. He was released from active duty on 26 November 1918.  He was recalled in World War II as a Major der Reserve. 

    Johann Carl Otto Waldschmidt, * 22.6.1870 in Wetzlar, † 1.7.1956 in Wetzlar, was a Regierungsbaumeister and later Kreisbaurat. He served as a Hauptmann der Reserve in World War I.

    Wilhelm v. Busse, * 30.1.1885 in Ossen, † 27.8.1967 in Berlin, was, as noted on the photo, transferred to Kürassier-Regiment Nr. 6.  He served in that regiment in World War I as well as in various staff and general staff positions, retiring as a Major.

    All four received the Iron Cross 1st Class, among other decorations.

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    7 hours ago, Bayern said:

    Ostuf : For more data go to www denkmalprojekt .org 2 garde feldartillerie regiment is in German but with a little help you can find much useful data there

    Thank you Bayern! I knew the site and is full of good informations.

    And thank you very much Dave, amazing!

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    Guys, just to complicate a little our identification: I have a portrait of an officer of 2. Garde FAR named WALTER (not Ernst) Luyken, Leutnant der Reserve. It could be the same or a relative of him? There was another LUYKEN in the ranks?

    Edited by Ostuf
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    Walter Gustav Arnold Luyken, * 6.4.1885 in Coblenz, † 27.7.1973 in Heinsen, was Ernst's younger brother. He was an Einjährig-Freiwilliger in 2.GFAR at the time the picture was taken. He spent the entire war with 2.GFAR, including two years as regimental adjutant, and received the HOH3X. 

    Regarding the ranks in the photo, the black ink was probably from when the photo was taken, while the blue ink updated the information a few years' later, since it includes Bonin's promotion and Busse's and Studnitz's transfers.

    Edited by Dave Danner
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    By the way, I found another officer as a Regimental Adjutant, Otto von SCHULTZENDORFF. Could you confirm ? 

    Walter LUYKEN, was Adjutant from Oktober 1916 to the end of war. Was Schultzendorff Acting as Adjutant before or after him? Or may be was adjutant of the 2.Garde-Feldartillerie-Brigade?


    Anybody has this book? http://www.ebay.de/itm/Luyten-Walter-Hrsg-Das-2-Garde-Feldartillerie-Regiment-im-Weltkriege/292297527315?hash=item440e4a5013:g:~AMAAOSwW6BZ5o~3

    Written by our Walter Luyken

    Edited by Ostuf
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    Otto v. Schultzendorff was the regimental adjutant of 4.GFAR in the 1914 rank list. It seems possible he would have moved up to 2.Garde-Feldartillerie-Brigade at some point during the war.

    The later Generalleutnant Georg v. Prondzynski was the regimental adjutant of 2.GFAR before the war, but was a Batterie-Führer in August 1914. I don't know who replaced him in 1914, though I would expect the regimental history would say.

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