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    I am researching a relative Harold (Harry) Hoffman born in Manchester 1917.

    Sgt 3533597 3rd bat. paras - died 18.11.97, POW Sicily, awarded American Purple Heart. He also had other medals.

    How can I verify the medals he received and did many British soldiers receive purple hearts?



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    Welcome to the GMIC.  I saw this yesterday but had nothing to add, so didn't respond.  I know that US servicemen serving with other nations' units were eligible for the Purple Heart in some circumstances but don't know enogu about US awards to say how likely it is that a foreigner would be awarded one.  Sorry!

    I hope, however, that some members will have more information.  You might consider re-posting or repeating this post in the "Unted States of America" section of the forum, to engage the US collectors.  There is a veteran's group in the US called the 'Military Order of the Purple Heart', with various chapters across the States.  perhaps contacting them would be useful?

    Good luck!


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    I am not aware of any regulation that would allow the award of the American Purple Heart to a member of an allied military service.  For provenance of the award of the Purple Heart to your relative you would need the award certificate as proof.  Or as has been said above, contact one of the many American societies online that keep records of Purple Heart awards.  As for researching British Medals I suggest that you contact The British Medals Forum at http://www.britishmedalforum.com/  and ask for their assistance.



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    This has been researched to death by various British medal groups...no British service personnel have never been awarded the PH, however many British and foreign born US service personnel have...nor if by some fluke would they be allowed to except or wear it

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    Hi All, the following US medals have been awarded to foreign service personnel when engaged in military duty during a time of conflict: Distinguished Service Cross, Navy Cross, Air Force Cross, Distinguished Service Medal (Army and Navy/Marine Corp), Distinguished Flying Cross, Legion of Merit, Silver Star, Bronze Star and the Air Medal. These medals do turn up regularly at UK Medal shows awarded in British Groups. There are quite a few Air Medals available in their original issue presentation boxes along with the DFC, probably awarded to RAF personnel. I believe that the Soldiers Medal was also issued to foreign personnel who helped to save lives during conflict.

    On November 8th 1942 Brigadier General Amaro Soares Bittencourt became the first foreigner (Brazil) to receive the Legion of Merit.

    There is no mention of the Purple Heart ever being issued to foreign service personnel but that doesn't mean to say though they may have been "gifted" but not able to wear with their other medals?

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