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    SA Sports Badge/Defense Badge-W. REDO Error?...Copy?

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     SA Wehrabzeichen – SA Defencebadge-W. REDO Error? Copy?

    This badge was found at a local estate sale. The pin is magnetic. The badge itself is non-magnetic and appears to be some sort of white metal/aluminum alloy with a gold wash finish. . I have found several threads debating the miss-spelling of "Fuhrung" as "Fuhpung". I noticed on a dealer website a similar example but in silver and the description stated this miss-spelling was an early flaw that was quickly corrected. The catch on this example is a round wire which is not typical of this maker. A different reproduction variant ? An original?


    Any thoughts?









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    Hello there,

    I agree that the posted badge is a fake.  The attachment hardware, the weak lettering, and the rough texture of the reverse are all dead giveaways.  In addition, the original SA defense Badges by Werner Redo were always stuck in iron so the badge must be magnetic.  If it is not magnetic then it stands no chance of being real IMO.

    Best regards,



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