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    The Ausmarch photo was often meant to be the photo your family would remember you by if you died in action....

    Sometimes I wonder if the girlfriend had the say


    her - here, lets put some flowers on

    him - actually... I prefer it without...

    her - but the spike is so butch looking... c'mon, just a few flowers

    him - what if someone laughs??

    her - please honey bunch... don't you want to please your widdle, widdle wabbit?

    Him - okay, just hope I don't get killed and this is the last pic of me!!!!eejit.thumb.jpg.f893ceed7e2bd123843f174ebae2eb02.jpg

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    Great photo Chris

    ’Tragic’ in so many ways...

    I too see the influence of the Fairer Sex!

    Maybe his Mum said ‘do as you’re told’...


    to continue the conversation with Girlfriend....

    (Later that evening)

    him - but you promised

    her - and I meant it baby.  But not tonight... it’ll be better if we wait until you get back

    him - but, but... what if I don’t get back?

    her - don’t say that

    him - well, whatever happens promise no-one else will ever see it....

    her -  I promise... and I’ll not let anyone see the flower photo either

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    Hello ,rather macabre, but the man looks confident. some details are interesting,.first he carries only three ammo pouches ,second the water bottle and mug, carried cavalry style . other interesting item is the long sidearm.and finally, the place were the pic was taken .Landsberg am lech a tiny Bavarian city .

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