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my link gives the reason why it might be missing. Entnobilitiert means it was stripped of the imperial chiffre because it was used in the Reichswehr. If you find any markings on it, specialists may confirm that.


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On 18/08/2018 at 11:13, Uffz. Rohleder said:

That's true. And it looks like the Chiffre was missing since long time I would go with Reichswehr story. I have a photo of my great great uncle Otto with this IOD. If you want I can post ist when I'm back home

Please post it

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Hello Rohleder .your great uncle in the pic uses the uniform of a vizefeldwebel of a Saxon regiment. lace and button on collar and one stripe of lace on the cuffs . plus the officers sword. the uniform is of the time of the Empire not republican .apart from that i dont see any chiffre on the sword grip 

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