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Need help (research) wuertt. Ulanenregiment 20 / IR 120

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Hi !

I need help for a possible identification of a recipient of the wuertt. golden bravery medal.

I am looking for infos (which decorations he also got) about

-Joseph Raßler (Rasler) von Gammerschwang (auf Weitenburg),  (a german baron)

Leutnant - he got the wuertt. golden bravery medal on the earliest date (1.11.1914)  in Ulanenregiment 20

later he was Rittmeister and died in 1951.


and i need infos about some guys of the Wuertt. IR 120

-Bazing Otto Lt. (Golden: 3.5.17) news: At June 1915 to Offizierskurs at Berlin-Döberitz kommandiert, 1919 as Lt. in Gefangenschaft  (POW)

-Friedrich Planck Lt. (Golden: 1.11.14) as Oberlt. Sept. 1917 in Gefangenschaft (POW)

-Schultz Paul, Lt. (Golden: 21.12.14) wounded Juli 1916 10./ and 11./ 120





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Hi the most rolls are online.  I checked them. Was a lot of work.

But i cannot find Raßler in the UR 20 - i only found him in the 1914 RL. but without a decoration.

I need to know if he got the Friedrich II with X

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He does not appear to have been awarded a Württemberg Friedrich Order Knight's Cross as no such award to him is gazetted in the Württemberg Militär-Verordnungsblatt.

He was promoted to Oberleutnant d.R. on 27.4.15 and is still shown with UR 20 in the field as per the Stellenbesetzung of May 1915.

He was serving with Train-Ersatz-Abteilung Nr. 13 in Ludwigsburg per a Stellenbesetzung of XIII. Army Corps home command in 1917.

Promoted to Rittmeister d.R. on 28.4.18




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unbelieveable. Thanks again.

On the painted pic it seems that he´s wearing the ribbons to the IC2nd class and

the wuertt. golden bravery medal - on the right you can see the EK1.

So i think he`s no recipient for my bar. In most times Subalternoffiziere got the

FOIIX bevor/with the golden bravery medal.

So it seems, that my guy was an 120er.

Are there any informations about Schultz, Bazing and Planck if they got the FOIIX ?

Thats the bar i would like to ID. - The wearer must have been a Subalternoffizier.

I know that, UR 20 and IR 120 both fought at Ypern. Especially i like the Yperncross with that

combat clasp on it. Only ~ 1600 Subalternoffiziere were awarded with the golden medal.

Imo. the FOIIX is an early piece which was made in 1914 - latest till the mid of 1916.

The bar is a typical version of the 1920s (version of the IC and because of Yperncross/Kyffhäuser)

The position of the golden bravery medal is correct - it had an higher rank as the FOIIX.


You should move to Germany and serve as an Archivrat (Beamter im höheren Archivdienst) 👍

5er wurtt.jpg

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Damn - now i have to begin again... but i always learn more and more.. - there are some more IR120 recipients of the GMVM.

I am very happy, that the most of the Stuttgart Archive military material survived the last war.

Imo. he only could served in the IR120 or UR20 because in his Nachlass there were some shoulder boards of it.

(all a Leutnant`s rank) For the UR20 i only had two plausible recipients:

von Raßler and Klee Gobert. - Klee Gobert`s bar stays in my collection. He did not get the FOIIX


I found some more informations about Schultz in the WAF : http://www.wehrmacht-awards.com/forums/showthread.php?t=869362



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