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    The Trenches on the Loretto heights 1915....

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    This is an interesting set of trench Photos for a number of reasons... they are really early (March April 1915) and the place is known (Loretto Heights)... added to that, the Batallion history said they took over the trenches just after the French were driven out, the defensive bays were facing in the wrong direction, the sides of the trenches had collapsed, the barbarians had to re-dig them, the French were really close and the men had to crouch down to avoid a bullet in the head, and for the 2-3 weeks they were there they had to fight back French counter attacks... You get a feeling of all that in the pics, including the guys staying pretty low in the trenches, often crouching, the French (presumably) bodies, the uneven sides of the newly dug trenches etc....lo1.thumb.jpg.5534ac234efaf923c3bbd07b84ed03bf.jpglo2.thumb.jpg.5204f4e1718044f92a270aeb6aa00a24.jpglo3.jpg.a40d92a9c6a12e92ec53cf2959e91d46.jpglo4.jpg.009621aa50023cb0369f6ddaeaab2765.jpglo5.jpg.2619660b78fd5726816f4f4b251222aa.jpglo6.thumb.jpg.f6e140762bbc0bc5114dc48327793a19.jpglo7.thumb.jpg.da6e0b6cd30dae6bd821d8deb271142d.jpglo8.thumb.jpg.71ff1e1f7737798bda329f3b5eff0394.jpglo9.thumb.jpg.ce4560473c1c45b07d06a02a11f24b9e.jpglo10.thumb.jpg.7029e982675f0dcc92e5b37f83c22347.jpg


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    Nice series of photos showing early trenching efforts prior to the more fully developed defensive positions.  One question, When did the metal trench shields come into use or were they pre-war items put to new use?

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    Hello , Thanks for share. The Lorette Heights were a very strategic position for their tennants , In past wars existed the conviction that who commands the Heights Commands France. In October 1914 ,Bavarian troops of Prince Rupert Army occupied the Heights and received the order of hold firm there.

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