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Can you help me with this one. I am negotiating the price of some KuK stuff with an older man here in Croatia and he offered me this helmet also. I am not familiar with German stuff so I am asking for help here. I tried to find some info about it and Pickelhauben and I found that plate is for IR 91 helmet but the rest is not corresponding with the photos I found on web.

He also offered me this cartouche and gorget. I need your help with them also. I need to ask for better photos definitely.

Thank you in advance.






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Dragoons Regiment N 19 . until 1867 it was a cavalry unit of the Great Duchy of Oldenburg. from 1867 until 1919 it was a Prussian cavalry unit.after the Great Duke signed with Prussia a military deal , Prussia took charge of the Regiment and Oldenburg provided the men .for these cause it carrird the Prussian dragoon eagle surcharged with the coat of arms of Oldenburg. regarding the helm itself i think that is a good piece.

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I have got a few red flags, when seeing  this helmet.

-the head of the adler covering the star retaining the spike. It shouldn't come so far, to me.

-the form of the star between the country heraldic shield and the adler. Long and narrow, it should fit like in a square.

-and the heraldic shield it self, do not inspire me.

But I could be wrong!!

I would like to see better close up's of the adler and shield's (if possible also the back of the adler), the inner liner, and the sewing of the  different parts.

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