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    Can anyone ID badges on K19 uniform?

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    Hi all,

    Hope this is okay here... didn't know where else to put it. Been driving me crazy for ages. Anyone who has seen the movie K-19 The Widowmaker with Harrison Ford... on his dress blue uniform... number one, can anyone ID the sub badge (not the sub commander badge) he's wearing? And is that a standard academy badge? Also how about a full list of his medals, etc.

    I was only able to find three pics that show these. But if anyone else happens to have it on DVD and could check and let me know I'd deeply appreciate. Also do his awards make sense?

    And if anyone could provide better pics showing the medals, ribbon bar and badges to better effect please do. :cheers:

    Anyhow here are the pics:

    IPB Image

    IPB Image

    IPB Image

    Hoping someone can provide this info. I know some of the medals but want confirmation of all of them if anyone has it on disk and can see them all clear enough as well as that sub pin.

    Thanks, :cheers:


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    Guest Rick Research

    Typical "Hollywood." :speechless: You'd think with a real person they could at least have made the attempt at effort to actually give the character what the real officer had. :speechless:

    That is one of innumerable "crew" badges next to his command Academy (and being Hollywood, it was probably the TANK one and not SUBMARINES! :cheeky: ) and submarine badge.

    The medal bar on his dress uniform is just junk-- a VALOR Medal, a MMM, 1948, 1958, 15 years and 10 years. Straight off of eBay's Frankenstein Parts Bars offerings.

    "Miraculously" he has "grown" whole new rows of ribbons incorrectly worn on that same full parade dress tunic--

    (covered), 1965, 1975

    (covered), Veteran of Armed Forces (retirees!!!!), 1948


    1988 (a time traveller!!!), 20, 15

    10 years medals

    sheer heedless slop.

    Hadn't SEEN this movie and now I won't. If they did so poorly on the easy stuff, what else was wrong and just made up? Oigh.

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    Typical "Hollywood." :speechless: You'd think with a real person they could at least have made the attempt at effort to actually give the character what the real officer had. :speechless:

    Hi Rick,

    Well, that was going to be my next question but my brain gave out last night. Any idea what the original Captain would have worn, etc?

    And yes, I kinda figured this was the situation as when I looked it was like... this makes little sense to me... but always good to hear from the "experts". I am but the learner... you are the masters! :D

    And hey, catch the movie... it's decent enough. Although I understand where you're coming from. It's like the old war movies and even Combat! which I love... those hugh German breast eagles, mix matches between Heer and SS insignia, etc... drives me up the wall. Tons of little stuff that no one else in the audience picks up on and doesn't think is a big deal.

    Kim jokes that if I see a new war movie and they get so much as one badge wrong it spoils the whole movie for me. But ticks me off that they spend a ton of money, even have advisors who "should" know better and they still screw up.

    Was watching some show or movie on cable where this scientist had gone back in time and was advising the nazi's on how to make their super weapons. This other guy goes back to stop him. Things were not "too" bad until they came driving up in their VW Thing! I mean they should have left it yellow or orange with peace sign hanging off the rear view mirror! No attempt to get a Kubel or anything. :angry::violent: I could have done better on a buck ninety eight on a really bad day! How come they can't hire us and pay us really good money to advise on these things? They say they want accuracy and then they serve up this garbage. Even when the story is half way decent the inaccuracy spoils it. Granted... mostly for folks like us but then again, we're part of the audience too!

    Oh well.

    Gotta go try to "officially" wake up and get the day moving. But will be on (knock on wood) most of the day.

    Thanks, :cheers:


    Mucho thanks! :lol:


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