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  1. Salam Demir bey! Thank you for reply. I saw the star of same maker before, but it was made of other metall. This one looks like silvered brass, is it normal?
  2. I've got this star today, but not sure it is original. Please your opinions about this item.
  3. Hi Paul, The defense of State border during peace time is a State security task - that is why the Soviet KGB (State Security Committee) troops worked on this problem. But the protection of Fleet bases is one of the everyday military tasks of Navy (part of Ministry of Defense) - that is why Sea district guard units existed in any Soviet Navy base. And the difference between KGB and SU Navy is the same as the difference between CIA and US Navy. Different tasks - different offices.
  4. Feel like you didn't read my posts. Have nothing to add.
  5. Wrong again. Soviet Coast Guard as you try to convince us - have never existed. There was Sea Units of KGB Border Troops (State Security Committee) There was a Sea district guard units of Soviet Navy (Ministry of Defense) Different tasks, different duties, different ships, different command, different salary, different service time, different responsibility, different norms of supply. PS. I'm former Soviet KGB Border Troops Sea Units officer and know Soviet Border Guards and Navy organization much better than your expert.
  6. The difference is the same as the difference between State border and Sea district conceptions. Naval Sea district guard unit guards sea areas close to Fleet Navy base.
  7. Not right. The State sea border guard units never existed in Soviet Navy. They always were part of GPU, NKVD, MVD or KGB. Sea District guard units of the Soviet Navy had absolutely other tasks.
  8. I have been surprised by poor quality of surface and herd of medal. That's why I need more skilled colleagues opinions.
  9. Salam Demir, Yes, he already check the weight and size of medal - all are OK.
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