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    Cuirass Help appreciated please.

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    Yesterday, I happily stumbled upon an imperial breast and backplate. As I know nothing of this armour (except the price seemed super low), I bought it.

    Can any one in the forum advise me on any information about it: marks, repair/not repair, age, etc...? I believe it to be a Mod 1867

    I will post pics later today but for now:


    It is stamped "A 40  Wilh.Jaeger" to both front and back plates - to the waist area

    Also stamped with a crown over FW and an S - to the shoulder areas.

    There is a fairly severe proof mark dead centre of the breastplate as well

    Possibly more marks to the interior BUT the thing is lined with a canvas/ heavy cotton like material and I would rather not remove it.

    Hope this helps get the ball rolling. Thanks in advance

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    Hello, Wilhelm Jaeger was the supplier of cuirasses and helms for the Prussian Cuirassiers .It was a manufacturer of the city of Elberfeld in the Rhineland. since 1929 Elberfeld forms with other cities the city of Wuppertal. Jaeger produced in 1841 the first Prussian Army pickelhaube made of steel .it was for the Cuirassiers . as with was rather heavy it was not distributed to the Infantry Your cuirass is a nice piece , model 1867 , complete with proof shot ,of a black powder rifle .

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    Bayern, Thank you very much for the information. 

    Were these used in the Franco Prussian war only, or did the see ceremonial use later on? Ironically, my mother was born in Wuppertal - but not that long ago! Would you or anyone else recommend cleaning and restoring it? Anybody have a spare shoulder strap......

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    Hello Henry 24th , They were used in the war and ceremonial use long time in fact until the beginning of WW1 . Prussian Cuirassiers went to the War without cuirasses . their French counterparts with their cuirasses under a khaki cover. I personally no reccomends restoring the piece , neither remove the interir lining. a discrete cleaning is allowed . for example a non abrasive cleaner for the strap and the rivets

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    They were yesterday, at 600 euro, I think it was!

    Accepting PP and located in Europe.

    Leave me your email address in private and I will put you in touch with the seller (asap, because I will be out for greatest part of the day!).

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