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Senior officer with three (?) grades of the House-Order of the white Falcon

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Dear fellow collectors,

I would like to ask for help with identifying this senior officer, I believe that it is possible to identify him due to his peculiar combination of orders. All help is appreciated. To make things easier I have already made a list of some of his awards, which is as follows:

-GSF  (House-Order of the white Falcon commanders cross)

-EK1 ( Iron Cross 1st class 1870)

-EK 2 ( Iron Cross 2nd class 1870)

- Unknown

-RAO4 ( Red Eagle Order 4th class, smooth arms, so awarded before 1879)

-KO3 ( Crown order 3rd class)

-LD25 (service-award for 25 years)

-KDM (War memorial medal 1870-1871)

-GSF1x ( House-Order of the white Falcon knightscross 1st class with swords)

- unknown, Although I suspect it to be connected to the House-Order of the white Falcon


Kind regards, and thanks in advance, Laurentius

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I am confident that is Karl Friedrich von Winterberger.  He began his military career in the Großherzogl. Sächs. Inf. R. and then joined IR 59 in 1867.  His last assignment was as commander of Landw. Bez. Weilburg (15.05.1883-15.11.1887).

He was born in Weimar on 09.03.1833 and died 12.09.1920 in Weilburg.

Glenn beat me to the punch!



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