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    Almost certainly.  In 1930, when the film was made, WWI equipment would have been dirt cheap, probably even in use by various militia / territorial / colonial forces around the world.  Making it would be pointless.  I do WWI living history and all our weapons are originals, a few guys have original webbing/belts and until not too long ago even some of the uniforms were originals.  Now, everything except the rifles is being reproduced, but that's a very recent thing - last two decades tops.  

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    Bayern, curiosity, that is all. I have liked WW 1 movies and as such an a early date would prop houses have had to make up the thousands of costumes to have in the movie? thinking that the war was only over 12 years be-4 it was made.every thing was spot on!!  just that every thing looked so authentic. and it was.also I collect GERMAN items from the first world war.common soldiers gear. hope this answers your question?

    peter monahan, thanks for the come back to my query.

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    I have seen that the RUSSIAN WW2 movies that are out, that the GERMAN tanks were real and destroyed in the making of the films instead of CGI, to add realism. is that known to be true? the films rely set you on the edge or your chair! the tanks were taken out of storage and fired up! PUN INTENDED!

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