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    I'm looking for information about Eduard Akerman from Hamburg. I'm currently reading a book about Ribnik Partisan Detachment which was part of the National Liberation Army and Partisan Detachments of Yugoslavia. On May 21st 1943 German patrol was sent to repair telephone wire but were ambushed by one platoon of the 1st Battalion of the Ribnik Partisan Detachment in Paunovac near Ključ, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Akerman was captured by the Partisans and was offered to stay with them. He agreed under condition that he wouldn't have to fight against Germans. Until the end of the war he was a medic in one of the Partisan hospitals.

    This is all of the information I have about the man. Is there any way to find information about his service prior to the capture by the Yugoslav Partisans, during his service with the Partisans and after the war?

    I would greatly appreciate some help!

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    23 minutes ago, Dave Danner said:

    The surname is likely "Ackermann". 

    I've though about that possibility. I've found several versions of that surname including Ackermann, Ackerman and Akerman. Given that the author of the book is of Bosnian-Serbian speaking area where the rule is "write how you hear it", he could have made the mistake.

    Thank you for pointing this out though!

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    3 hours ago, Dave Danner said:

    The surname is likely "Ackermann". 


    there were far more Ackermann´s in Hamburg than Akerman or Akkermann, but all names are listed. Akerman(n) and Akkermann are sometimes found in the north of Germany, especially on the island of Borkum from where it spread to other parts. I personally knew somebody by the name of Akkermann, but as Dave said, Ackermann is a likely option. In 1939 there were 3 E. Ackermann, one Eduard Ackermann (butcher) one von Akerman and two Akkermann (but of those no "E"). Listed are only those inhabitants who either owned a place or were main tenant. Not those who subletted


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