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Considering the bundle of neck decorations, I would think of Franz von Hipper, but he died in 1932... I cannot find any other full Admiral with so many neck decorations


KaMa-Adm - 007ax - Hipper, Vadm..jpg

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There are few candidates...

Souchon, Ehrhard Schmidt, Reinhard Koch, Guido von Usedom, Günther von Krosigk, Gustav Bachmann - but of these only Von Usedom, Von Krosigh, and Bachmann show a slight facial resemblance.

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Here is the list of all the possible candidates, all were either Admirale or Char. Admirale and alive on 12 June 1938 when the photo was taken:

Gustav Bachmann (1860-1943)
Carl von Coerper (1854-1942)
Ernst Fritze (1850-1941)
Gerhard Gerdes (1861-1941)
Hermann Jacobsen (1859-1943)
Reinhard Koch (1861-1939)
Günther von Krosigk (1860-1938)
Wilhelm von Lans (1861-1947)
Georg Alexander von Müller (1854-1940)
Max Rollmann (1857-1942)
Ehrhardt Schmidt (1863-1946)
Friedrich Schultz (1865-1945)
Wilhelm Souchon (1864-1946)

I am pretty sure it isn't Günther von Krosigk because he died 4 days after (16 June 1938) the photo above was taken.

We are looking for an Admiral that had a moustache (and beard?), so I think that rules out Georg Alexander von Müller.

It's also definitely not Erhardt Schmidt or Wilhelm Souchon. Schmidt was stocky and it doesn't resemble Souchon.

Von Usedom died in 1925, not him.

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