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    Literature about German "Fahnen und Standarten"

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    I recently went through allot of regimental histories and also the book "Geschichte der königlich preußischen Fahnen und Standarten seit dem Jahre 1807" and was wandering what happened to all these Fahnen. Is there any publication were it is written down which ones are lost (or no one knows were they are) and which ones are still there and were they are.

    It is very hard to find detailed photographs of the ones still existing, so if there are good books let me know.

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    There is a "sticky picture album" from "Bulgaria Fahnenbilder", called "Ruhmreiche Fahnen deutscher Geschichte" (published in the 30s)

    You can get it at ebay, if you look at "Ruhmreiche Fahnen deutscher Geschichte"

    But be careful, that the sticky pictures are complete 256 pictures)! Those albums can be found between 20 an 80€.

    Each troop flag is described. But it´s from the 30s, so you can´t see where the flags are today!

    German language!


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    Hello, When the Armnistice was signed on 11th November 1918, all German Army units remained intacts and beginned the long road Home .with weapons flags and musical bands. they returned to their peace garrisons . It was for some regiments a long and hazardous return as in the case of the Cavalry Regiments desployed in Ucraina.well by January of 1919 almost with all the Army in Germany ,the Units were disbanded . the flags and standards went to some place .this place is what you may discover. perhaps the Zeughaus in Berlin, perhaps the Garnisonkirche in Potsdam . In the French museum de Les Invalides exists some German Flags losed during WW1

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    The first German flag lost in combat was those of the 4th Bataillon of the 132 nd Infantry Regiment.taked by the French on 14th August 1914, between August and October of 1914 nine German flags were taked by the French and deposited in the St Louis Chapel in the Invalides

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