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Hi again,

Thanks to all for giving me input about my questions.

I got some new pics - i`d like to show 3 of them.

#1 : Seems to be  a guy of the Freiwillige Krankenpflege - may be a saxon with a 9 place ribbon bar.

I´ve never seen that device of the Carola medal (oaks with numbers on it).

He wears: IC combatant - hindy cross - austrian war memorial medal with X - ????? - Carola medal - prussian red cross medal 3 - saxon general honour cross - red cross medal 2 and ????

(may be iron crescent)

What do you think about the ?????? decorations. The pic is dated with 1941, Graz Austria - he war reactivated and served as Luftwaffe official.

# 2: Seems to be military official - is he a prussian - is it a paymaster? The pic was taken in Köthen / Anhalt.

He wears: IC combatant - ???? (may be Hamburg hanseatic cross - or Anhalt Friedrichscross combatant) - and may be Centenial or LSM.

#3: A Wuerttemberg guy. I was happy, to find it. He´s golden bravery guy. No date on it. Taken in Langenau (near Ulm).

He´s an officer who was awarded with golden bravery & Friedrichsorden knight2 with X. (interesting, because normally FOIIX had to given back after awarding the golden bravery)

What about the last decoration on his bar ?  - Baltenkreuz? The pic must have been taken in 1936 or later.

Unfortunately: No name...

Thanks for watching.






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hello, # 2 is a beamte , probably Prussian ,but about his branch Iam not sure that he is a Paymaster, more exactly a Unterzahlmeister as the shoulder board indicates. the doubt is over the collar patch , certainly appears to be light blue with white piping , its concords with the colours of the Paymaster branch. the same the white piping on the front of the tunic ,but all the info about the Field uniform of the Prussian Paymaster dont mention Collar patch . Doctors weared a red piped Blue patch. Military Justice officials a Light blue patch piped crimson . Veterinarians a Black patch piped crimson . perhaps he is a Krankenwarter ,the personnel that keeps the discipline and security in military Hospitals .

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#1 is a Luftwaffe Beamte of the elevated career with the equivalent rank of an Oberleutnant.

#2 is a Beamtenstellvertreter (im Feldwebelrang)





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