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It’s a princely Hohenzollern order but after reading your statement I now keep seeing two little EK ribbons

I don’t think the last ribbon for the Karl Troop Cross makes since to me because I would think he was a German officer, not Austrian, during ww1. Do you have a name to the tunic? 

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On 11/01/2020 at 12:49, Berlinerbummel said:

A friend of mine has been offered (for sale) a general officer tunic which includes the pictured sew-on ribbon bar.  It includes an unusual ribbon.  I have never seen such a ribbon.  It looks like two tiny EKII ribbons mounted side-by-side! May I have your opinion on this?



They made popular combinations like EKII and Honor Cross and EKII (39) and KVKII in a single weave.  Maybe they made the EKII (14) and the "war ribbon" in a single weave and some guy used that in this ribbon bar - just a thought.  There is no break in the center of that wierd ribbon.

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You mentioned that your friend was offered a general's tunic which included the odd ribbon bar pictured above.  But what about the tunic itself???  It looks like a nicely tailored gabardine tunic with red piping.  General's tunics don't come along everyday, so if the ribbon bar is a dud, just carefully remove it.    Simi.   

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